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The potato diet can help you have a perfect silhouette

Potatoes are part of the menu of favorite vegetables, but we often hear nutritionists who are fattened and should be avoided, especially as we are on the diet. Well, it is true that delicious potatoes contain carbohydrates and mistakenly prepared or consumed in improper combinations they grew, but the potato diet has been shown to bring remarkable benefits to the silhouette.

The potato diet originated in Latin America and was used hundreds of years ago to cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body. Depending on how many kilos you want to take down, but also according to the culinary tastes you have, here’s the potato diet you can choose to have a perfect silhouette!

Diet with cooked potatoes and apples

Diet with boiled potatoes and apples can help you lose 5 pounds in just 5 days. All you have to do is follow a certain daily menu based on cooked potatoes, and as a snack between meals to eat an apple. Do not eat apple as an appetizer or dessert, but leave a distance of at least 2 hours between main meals and snack.

Also, during this 5-day period, he drops salt and tries to spice potatoes with pepper, parsley, dill, rosemary or garlic. Butter or margarine is totally forbidden. Drink 1 large potato without salt, breakfast at lunch, two boiled potatoes without salt, and at dinner again a salt-free potato.

The feeling of hunger calms her between meals with an apple. If you feel unwell, you can add a low-fat yogurt to your breakfast or lunch.

Diet with cooked potatoes and yoghurt

Diet with cooked potatoes and yogurt helps you lose 5 pounds in just 3 days.

Also, potatoes should be consumed without salt without butter or margarine, but the good news is that yogurt must not necessarily be skimmed. Potatoes are sausages, and yogurt contains probiotics that play an essential role in regulating intestinal flora and favoring intestinal transit. It’s also called a 3-day diet, which is why, in order to lose weight quickly, you have to follow the scheme below:

  • Day 1:

Breakfast: 1 boiled potato + 1 cup of yoghurt

Lunch: 2 cooked potatoes + 1 cup of yoghurt

Dinner: 2 cups of yoghurt

  •  Day 2

Breakfast: 1 cup of yoghurt

Lunch: 2 cooked potatoes + 1 cup of yoghurt

Dinner: 1 boiled potato + 1 cup of yoghurt

  •  Day 3

Breakfast: 1 boiled potato

Lunch: 1 boiled potato + 1 cup of yoghurt

Dinner: 1 cup of yoghurt

Diet with cooked potatoes and cheese

A favorite and appreciated diet thanks to its ability to lose excess kilos in a healthy and fast way is the diet of cooked potatoes and cheese. It is preferable that the cheese is cow’s, being weaker in calories and especially in salt. Thus, at breakfast, he takes a slice of black bread and a spoonful of cow cheese, alongside a small grapefruit or a lemon juice diluted with water.

At noon eat a portion of cooked potatoes mixed with cow cheese. You can also add a raw onion or pepper. At dinner, choose to eat a green salad with boiled chicken breast or grilled fish. Tasting between meals can be made of citrus.

What is important to note is that it is not recommended to be held in the long run.

One week should be enough for the loss of a few extra pounds, otherwise the diet with potatoes and cheese risking to bring deficiencies in the body.

Diet with fried potatoes, between myth and reality

Diet with fried potatoes incites our hearing and, certainly, the taste buds, but unfortunately, french fries are the main enemy of any diet.

Potato roasting process causes a very high fat content and, implicitly, empty calories without nutritional potential. At the same time, fried potatoes have the great disadvantage of absorbing the oil and then, in the stomach, to convert it into glucose, that is, sugar. In addition, fried potatoes contain acrylamide, a very toxic substance with carcinogenic potential.

Therefore, it is impossible to focus on a diet based on fried potatoes. But to ease their sin, we can eat fried potatoes a maximum of once a week, with the recommendation to be cut into thicker slices, so the ability to absorb oil drastically decreases.

Cooked potatoes: myth or reality?

Properly consumed boiled potatoes not only do not fatten, but also bring many health benefits. The main advantage of potato in diets is that it gives you a quick feeling of satiety and accelerates metabolism by up to 30%, provided it is consumed cold.

The explanation comes from the fact that, by cooling, in potato develops a type of resistant starch that behaves like food fibers. On the other hand, in order to use potato nutrients, it is recommended that they be cooked in the shell.

We point out that 100 g potatoes contain 80% water and have only 75 calories.

However, potatoes, even cooked, rich in carbohydrates, should never be combined with meat or fish, foods rich in protein because they become a caloric bomb, slow down intestinal transit and metabolism, and become extremely harmful to the colon and system immune.

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The potato diet can help you have a perfect silhouette

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