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8 Secrets to Maintain Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is the first in the list of everyone’s preferences when it comes to the aesthetics of the human body. Artificial beauty techniques stir up the charm of a woman’s traits, that’s why a new trend has developed in setting the aesthetic standards of the present display of a fresher, shiny and natural image. Therefore, the most important step in the beauty ritual of a woman is the maintenance of natural air, which translates into perfect health.

Techniques for enhancing natural beauty

Statistics on men’s preference for beautiful sex show that 89% of men prefer natural women who have not changed their features by using makeup excessively or by performing aesthetic surgery.

Natural beauty will never lose its charm, so maintaining and accentuating it is a priority in the female care ritual.

The following measures come to support this important approach.

1. Using natural beauty remedies

Cosmetics made with artificial ingredients have lost important percentages of popularity in recent years after scientists have brought to the attention of the general public the harmful effects that chemicals have on the skin and health in general.

Natural beauty can, fortunately, be maintained with the help of natural remedies that use only natural ingredients, without side effects and truly aesthetically effective. Some useful examples may be

– Face care. Black spots can be removed using fresh tomato slices applied directly to the affected areas.
– Foot care. To remove dead tissue from the heel and hydration of the soles, you can use an exfoliative mask made in the house, olive oil and crystallized sugar.
– Body care.Intense body hydration can be achieved by preparing a lotion made in the house by mixing equal parts of honey with vegetable oil (olive, jojoba, coconut, argan, etc.).

2. Hand care Hands are the ones that often betray the age and the extent to which a person cares for their body.

Natural beauty also reflects in the way your hands look, so it is important to pay special attention. Besides their intense hydration with olive oil or coconut, it is important to care for the manicure. Instead of cutting off your cuticles and preferencing infections, use a special oil to hydrate them.

3. The beauty sleep

Sufficient rest is a prerequisite for an impeccable exterior look, so night sleep of at least 7-8 and daily siesta helps maintain and enhance natural beauty.

During sleep, the body regenerates cells and tissues, while also strengthening the muscles toning. Studies show that sleep deprivation is directly related to skin problems and medical conditions, such as eczema or obesity. Avoid caffeinated beverages, adhere to a regular program of sleep and prepare the bedroom, so that it is a good environment for rest.

4. Cleansing the complexion

A clean and healthy skin is the key element of natural beauty, so its cleansing is essential. Impurities, sweating and excess sebum lead to the obstruction of pores and the appearance of acne and blackheads. Try to apply as little skin make-up (instead of using sun lotion, moisturizing cream and skin cream, use a pigmented face cream with SPF protection factor). Even more important is to clean your skin every night with a delicate soap or a special cleansing lotion (even when not wearing makeup).

5. Hair Protection

The second basic element of natural beauty is healthy and shiny hair, easily degraded by aggression to daily combing, hair styling, use of hair dryer, straightener or curler.

To make sure your hair stays healthy, use a moisturizing conditioner at every wash and, occasionally, a hair mask prepared in the house. Avoid grabbing your capillary ornament in very tight hairstyles and use a hair brush that does not agglutinate the hair shafts.

6. Stress management

Although at first glance there is no obvious link between stress and beauty, it has been repeatedly demonstrated by researchers. Hormones of stress trigger strong inflammation in the body, visible in the skin through the pimples and vascularization of the cutaneous tissue. Try to sneak into the daily program a pleasure activity, relax when overwhelming your fatigue or anxiety or moving (sport is an effective way of relieving daily stress).

7. Removal of unwanted hair

If you use the razor blade to remove unwanted hair, make sure the process is safe for your skin. Do not use the shaving machine on dry skin, no matter how long you find it late, as it is a safe condemnation to cuts, wounds and unsightly irritations – and healthy skin is mandatory for full natural beauty.

Always apply a special shaving gel (or classic hair conditioner, work just as well) and use a clean razor blade. Finally, intensely hydrate the skin with olive oil or any other emollient lotion you prefer.

8. Apply the makeup correctly

Makeup has the role of highlighting the natural features as pleasant as possible, not to make a person completely transformed.

Use every product in the right order and to a stunning extent, if you want to impress with a natural beauty to the likes of all viewers

 1. Apply the pharmaceutical products the first time if necessary (such as acne or rosé lotions), clean and dry skin, so that they can be efficiently absorbed and accomplished.
2. Use a thin layer of sun lotion or Moisturizing Cream with SPF protection factor for better makeup adhesion and an effective shield against UV rays.
3. Only now can you apply the make-up really the foundation, the corrector, the eyelid and the cheek, then the powder.

8  Secrets to Maintain Natural Beauty

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