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Secret Ingredients for beautiful Skin 

Health and beauty always come from within and are visible from the outside, so many of the ingredients we use in our culinary preparations directly influence our image. Perfect skin is one of the most important indications of our health, and the spices we flavor our food show its natural impact through the skin.

The relationship between spices, health and beauty

Considered by many simple people, culinary accessories, spices have nutritional value, provide calories, and can greatly influence the state of health and outer beauty.

Incidentally, not all spices have been created equally. While a tablespoon of salad dressing provides about 80 calories, one tablespoon of mayonnaise goes over 100 calories, a spoonful of mustard has only 15 calories, and the same amount of salty dressing for salads has a maximum of 25 calories . Aromatic herbs are generally fully beneficial to health, contributing to the nutritional value of foods they season and providing precious antioxidants for beautiful and healthy skin.

Therefore, there are many ingredients you can add to your food and which, through their natural properties, contribute to a beautiful skin and a better overall health!

Spices beneficial to the beauty of the skin – skin spices

 1. Merlot sauce

Merlot sauce is a concentrated cocktail of antioxidants that cleanse the skin in depth, giving it more light and uniformity of its natural pigment.

You can cook this healthy sauce of clementine juice, 200 grams of meristerium, 50 milliliters of water, 50 milliliters of white wine and 100 grams of sugar tos, all boiled for 10-15 minutes. White wine stimulates blood circulation to the area of ​​the face, vascularising tissues well and removing skin patches.

2. Oregano

One of the healthiest herbs, the famous oregano has protective properties at the cardiovascular level and antibacterial properties, being considered a wonderful ingredient for the health of the body. Another notable merit of the organo is the impressive content of antioxidants.

One tablespoon of oregano contains antioxidants with an impact as powerful as those supplied by 250 grams of broccoli. 3. Rosemary Another secret ingredient that can do wonders for health and beauty is rosemary. This spice has antibacterial properties and greatly stimulates blood circulation, being useful in preventing infections, improving memory and removing toxins from the body.Rosemary-induced detoxification not only helps regulate the activity of the digestive system, but also maintains an impeccable appearance of the skin.

4. Thymus

Used in natural medicine to stimulate digestion or treat coughing, thyme is also a popular spice in many world cuisines, thanks to its very pleasant taste. Seasoning is distinguished by its antibacterial and antifungal properties, which protect the skin from eruptions and other dermatological conditions.

5. Nutmeg

Introduced in culinary preparations, nutmeg has a calming effect on the digestive and nervous system, inducing a good sleep quality before bedtime. All nutmeg can alleviate the pains of sensitive gums and stimulate libido for both men and women.

Because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, nutmeg can reduce redness and inflammation of the skin’s base, when mixed with milk and used topically on the affected area.

6. Cinnamon

A truly miraculous spice for beauty and health, cinnamon contains the largest amount of antioxidants among spices, helping to lose weight faster. Cinnamon is also used to design some types of lip gloss or lipstick, as spice helps to increase the volume of the lips through a slight inflammation of sensitive skin at this level.

7. Red pepper

Red pepper or Cayenne is a spice that, once applied topically, can treat a whole series of skin lesions. It can alleviate stomach or pain in the skin, improving blood circulation. Red pepper is also useful in healing superficial cuts or stopping bleeding easily. When you sprinkle red pepper on a wound, it helps the body coagulate the blood and stop the bleeding.

8. Chimion

Chimion is an excellent natural remedy against indigestion. Seasoning also contributes to rebalancing appetite, removing toxins from the body, energizing the body, treating infections and strengthening the immune system. As it efficiently detoxifies the body, caraway helps to clean the skin and prevent skin problems.

9. Horseradish

Horseradish is a spice rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamin C, sodium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, fiber, protein, copper and calcium. All of these substances help in the prevention and treatment of inflammation, viral and bacterial infections, respiratory diseases, digestive disorders and various pains.

 10. Parsley

Parsley is an important source of nutrients, such as vitamin C, manganese, calcium and potassium. Parsley is also used in many treatments for skin health and beauty. The rich amount of vitamin C stimulates collagen production, and other parsley-containing substances regulate the production of sebum, cleans pores and relieves symptoms of tired eyes. All vitamin C from parsley nourishes the skin cells, reducing the unpleasant appearance of fine lines, scars, dilated pores and stains. Parsley massively contributes to the cellular regeneration of the skin tissue, which allows maintaining the uniform, young and healthy aspect of the skin.


Secret Ingredients for beautiful Skin

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