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Face Mask with Zeolite: exfoliates, detoxifies, softens

There are not many ingredients used in beauty that start with Z, but zeolite is really special and you need to know more about it. You can make a facial mask with zeolite, a mineral that is said to be a master in detoxification. Zeolite has formed several hundred million years ago,  and is an aluminosilicate that is not toxic to the body.

Within a maximum of eight hours it is removed from the body, not before it brings health benefits.

If you have skin problems, I recommend facial mask with zeolite.

Regardless of how complex your ritual is, you can not worry about aggressive external agents with complexion.

Toxins and pollutants find plenty of horses to sneak into the skin, so you must be prepared with effective detoxification methods.

Zeolite has extraordinary absorption properties, but also, as the case may be, elimination of various dangerous chemicals, nutrients, ions, but especially toxins in the body.

How does facial mask with zeolite work

The structure of the zeolite can be likened to a honeycomb, having the microporous cellular structure.

The pores gather the “luggage” with toxins in the body and leave instead healthy minerals, such as potassium, found in the Zeolite composition.

Basically, it attracts as a magnet the negative materials for the body and replaces them with some positive ones.

Find 100% Pure Zeolite Natural Stores if you’re thinking about making facial mask with zeolite at home.

The facial mask with zeolite has countless benefits

Mix a spoon of zeolite powder and two water to get a paste that you stretch on your face and let it take effect for an hour.

The more time you spend with her on the face, the better.

Expect that after you wash your face well, have delicate skin and pores not to be so visible.

If you use the mask instead of the cleanser, mix the same proportions of ingredients, apply on the face and wash yourself after just one minute.

Do not allow the paste to dry, because this daily process would negatively inflict skin health. If you find the dry skin after cleansing, use a cream based on shea, cocoa, avocado oils.

 You can use zeolite as exfoliant.

It has a fine texture, like sand, and can exfoliate gentle skin. Put a tablespoon of zeolite powder in your palm or in a small container and with a brush massage the areas to be cleaned, avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes.

Do not inhale the powder.

Wash with plenty of water after this procedure and alternate cold and warm water to reduce skin inflammation.

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Face Mask with Zeolite: exfoliates, detoxifies, softens

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