How to Get Rid of Bloating to Have a Flat Abdomen

When the dentist asks you if you have problems with the bloating, it may seem strange to you. When the seller smiles ironically while you buy: sweets, cabbage and pears you wonder what amuses her. But when a good friend congratulates you for the pregnancy you are asking real questions.

Bloating - Have a Flat Abdomen

What happens?

What’s behind the swollen abdomen like a balloon?

Where are you wrong?

Do you drink too many liquids?

Are you fat?

Should sedentaryism be blamed?

Does your stomach no longer work perfectly? Why is it you?

The list of questions of a specialist who is consulted to treat bloating also includes other questions: Are you suffering from constipation? Eat in haste? Chew food well? Do you have teeth problems? Are you accustomed to daydressing tables? Will you hydrate properly? What quantities of fruits, vegetables and whole grains consumed daily?

How often do you consume mineral water, soda or carbonated juices? How long have you been doing specific liver analyzes? How many chew gums per day? Do you consume fruit as a dessert? What is the level of stress you face daily? Do you suffer from flatulence? Do you have lactose intolerance?

Abdominal bloating  treatments

What to do?

In order to mask the swollen abdomen in women, there are solutions: corsets, spikes or special tights. But to solve this problem, which can predict and bring others with itself, power lies in our hands and will.

Obviously, and in our wallet.

This is because a gastroenterologist (or family doctor) has done the necessary personalized investigations and put the paraphase on a prescription.

The most common treatments against bloating are the correction of negative eating habits, movement (walking, helping us and having a flat stomach), herbal teas or herbal dough.

Mint, fennel, chamomile, dill, artichokes, dandelion, thyme, basil, sage, marjoram, coriander – are the most common plants in bacon teas. Doctors recommend, as much as possible, fresh or dried herbal teas rather than sachets.

Rules against bloating

Every one of us knows, even if he does not attach great importance to this, which are the foods, the culinary preparations and the food behaviors that make them good and who do not. Here is the list of the most commonly reported vegetables and fruits in balls: beans, lentils, peas, cabbage, cabbage, radishes, gulia, leek, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, potatoes, pears, plums, mustard, apple juice.

They are also added to bread, concentrated sweets (made from commerce or made in the house), alcohol, sugar, honey, fatty dairy products or fat-rich foods. If you happen to cry about the abdomen swollen more often 3 times a month (and not for reasons such as diarrhea, constipation, peritonitis etc.) it is necessary to keep a diary for at least 30 days.

In this you have to record every day everything you have consumed, in what quantities, combinations, but also the type and duration of the effort deployed. It is important to mention the amounts of water, juice, tea, coffee or alcohol. Also, the time of the last meal, its component and the duration of sleep are also important.

Obviously, you can measure your abdomen with an inch of tailoring both in the days you feel right and in crisis situations. Notice whether nighttime sleep is inversely proportional to the number of extra centimeters in the abdominal area. With all of this, go to a nutritionist who can design a diet that is particularly suited to the needs of your body.

20 minutes of dinner

No matter how hasty the life is with us, or how intensely the rhythm that we impose, the food must be chewed well. During this time, the fork, knife or spoon should be left on the table. Thus, the stomach’s digestive task is simplified, increasing the chances of a good portion of the vitamins and minerals in the food being absorbed, and reducing the risk of bloating.

Several visits to the dentist to solve teeth problems, where appropriate, represent another important step to have a proper digestion and even to have a healthy heart (many of the untreated dental infections are sabotaging the vital organs in time) .

Carbohydrates that are harmless from a caloric point of view, such as mineral water or soda, or have calories such as juices or beer, should be avoided by people with bloating problems. Liquids should also not be eaten during the meal.

A digestive tea only from organic, warm herbs can have extremely beneficial effects in the long run.

“Good appetite, thank you and the table we are not talking!” Is an old learning that every one of us has heard at least once in childhood. Even in the century of speed, this behavior must be respected. Speaking, it gets thick with the food bowl and the air. So, silence decreases a term in the balloon equation.

To avoid the risk of swollen abdomen, fruit should be eaten between meals, on the empty stomach, and not at the end of the meal, as a dessert.

The introduction of unsweetened whole grains into the daily diet is an important step in maintaining intestinal transit at optimum odds.

One hour of daily walk, abdominal massage performed by a specialist, avoiding late meals, weight loss, annual detoxification cures, enema – are some horses to have a flat abdomen.


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