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Home Beauty Treatments: Anti-wrinkle Mask with Rice Flour

One of the effective beauty treatments for home is the anti-wrinkle mask with rice flour. The best part is that you can prepare it easily with only a few ingredients in the kitchen!

UV rays, stress, free radicals and aging are the key keys to wrinkles. It is absolutely normal, in a world where you have access to all kinds of information, to want to discover the best anti-wrinkle creams, the most effective treatments and all the tricks you can fool your age with.


But as you test more and more products, you may forget about the effectiveness of natural ingredients on your skin. Besides not containing harmful ingredients, they are also known for their beneficial effects so do not ignore them!


For example, a mask I even heard from my grandmother is the anti-wrinkle mask with rice. I remember what he taught me one day: a natural anti-wrinkle mask is exactly what my skin needs!


How to prepare the anti-wrinkle rice flour mask right at your home:

Anti-wrinkle mask with rice flour preparation


For such a mask, I use a tablespoon and a half of rice flour, because I do not have a big face, but if you think you need, you can put two. Then I knock the egg from an egg until the foam is done. All I need is three to five drops of glycerin.


After I whipped the egg white, add the rice flour over the foam and the glycerin drops, then mix until it is homogenized.


Apply mask to clean skin and let it work until it dries. I remove it with warm water and then apply a moisturizing cream or vitamin C concentrate. I use this mask time once a month, but if your skin is mature, you can apply it weekly for faster results.

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Home Beauty Treatments: Anti-wrinkle Mask with Rice Flour

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