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What the Color of your EYES Says about You

When your mouth tries to hide, your eyes shows. We can carefully choose words and control gestures, but our eyes never lie. It is said to be the mirror of the soul and to speak in our place.

What the Color of your EYES Says about You

A quality of eyes that helps us to read a person’s personality is color. Brown, black, green or blue … tell me what color your eyes are, and i tell you who you are!


Brown eyes steal everyone’s heart

The color of these eyes is due to a large amount of melanin (dark organic pigment). Brown eyes are the most common. People with iris in this nuance are, in most cases, confident in them. They are poor, they do not let go of their neighbors. Polite and polite, they are very responsible and do not bruise with the fugitives in front of the hardships, and the well-developed sense of humor often brings them out of confusion. But they do not feel at ease when they have to express their feelings with others. They are very loving life partners, and they know how to make their dear person feel totally special.

Black eyes, for the innocent

Black eyes are said to be very rare, and people with pupils like beads have a strong personality. They are also said to be responsible for everything around them, especially for friends, which is why they can keep even the smallest secrets. Powerful and impulsive, they like to test their limits and show that they are the best in what they do. Sometimes they are quarrelsome and insist on having the final say, even when they know they are wrong. When it comes to love, people with black eyes do not get too fast. Retained and calculated, expressing their feelings with difficulty, and when they fall in love, they make it all the same.

The blue eyes take you to the stars

Many people want to have them because they are considered the most beautiful eyes. Attractive and romantic, they have conquered many hearts and have snatched many sighs. Usually, blue-eye owners are lively, energetic and like to experience each moment to the fullest. Sincerely, but at the same time proud, she avoids complaining when going through difficult times. I gather my teeth and move on. They can not stand to be contradicted and hate the lie, and when they have something to say, I say it to the front. They are spiritual people and they want a life that lasts for a long time. However, women are said to be unreliable, especially when it comes to couple relationships.

Green eyes, never believe them

People with jade shades are creative, passionate and mysterious. Intelligence and sense of humor are among the qualities of green eye owners, so they leave nothing to stand in the way of their success. Known for the quick decisions they make, they manage to solve even the most complicated situations. Independent and optimistic, they do not like things half done. In relationships with others, I focus on trust. So, I know what they want and carefully choose the people next to them. It is not recommended to upset or hurt them because they are avenging. When it comes to love, they are passionate and long-lasting relationships, but they can be very jealous and possessive.

The gray eyes do not forget

This color is less common, being associated with a clear, blurred blue that tends to gray. People who have gray eyes are balanced and have leadership qualities. They defend their principles and tend to be authoritarian. Rationalists and critics are not satisfied with the half-measures. Moreover, they are not very adventurous, so they like to have personal and professional life. You consider romantic life partners, fall in love quickly, and if they find their soul mate, they love them with all their being.

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