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Hair Around your Nipples – Why Appears and How you Get Rid Of

Hair Around your Nipples – Why Appears and How you Get Rid Of

Many women have to do with hair that grows around their nipples, even though most of them prefer not to talk about it.

Hair Around your Nipples - Why Appears and How you Get Rid Of

Hairs growing around the nipples are not, in most cases, a cause for concern and are not a symptom of hidden health problems.


Almost all parts of the body are covered by hair and hair follicles. In some areas of the body hair grows thicker and longer, while in other areas it grows thinner and is harder to notice.

Causes of hair growth around nipples

Hormonal disturbances / fluctuations – hormonal disturbances can cause a range of symptoms in the chain, and among them there is the thickening of hair that grows around the nipples. During pregnancy, but also during menopause, hormonal fluctuations can cause the hair to grow on the breasts.


Excessive production of male hormones – excess production of male hormones such as testosterone may have a secondary effect in the growth of hair around the nipples. Other symptoms of excess hormone are: fatty skin, lack of menstruation, increased bone and muscle volume, alopecia.


Polycystic ovary syndrome – This syndrome often causes hormonal imbalances and affects a woman in 5 years.


A certain drug treatment – hair growth around the nipples may also occur as an adverse reaction to a particular drug treatment. Treatment based on testosterone, glucocorticoids and some medicines used in immunotherapy can cause hair to appear on the nipples.


Cushing’s syndrome – this condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance and can also result, among other things, in the growth of hair around the nipples.

How to remove hair around your nipples

There is no need for medical treatment for hair that grows in the breasts.


Since these threads are unsightly, women can resort to several methods for their removal:


Trim hair – using a hairpin, the hair around the nipples can be trimmed without pain or discomfort. As the hair grows quickly, it will take a few days to repeat the operation.


Stripping hair – with a tweezer, but with a lot of attention, the hair around the nipples can be snapped off quickly. As the skin on the nipples is sensitive, this method can be painful. Ripening of these threads increases the risk of hair growing under the skin, but also by infection.


Shaving hair – the hair around the nipples can be removed using the shaving machine. This method also increases the risk of developing hair under the skin, but also infection.


Laser hair removal – this method has long lasting results, but it is more costly and painful.


Hormonal treatment – if a major hormonal imbalance is responsible for nodules grown on nipples, then your doctor may prescribe a medication that will resolve your hormonal imbalance, but it will also help you get rid of unsightly hairs.

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