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11 Funny and Less Known Things in the History of Toilets

Did you know that a man spends, on average, over his life 6,500 hours in the toilet? This means about a year and a half of his life. Moreover, people who have a mobile phone with many installed apps and take them to the toilet will spend more time on the throne..

11 Funny and Less Known Things in the History of Toilets

If there is something in this world that is common to all people then that is “the call of nature.” But depending on where we live, it is not always possible to dispose of body waste safely and responsibly.


World Toilets Day (celebrated annually on November 19th) aims to inspire action to tackle the global health crisis. Today, 4.5 billion people live without a household toilet, which has this waste safely.

Did you know that …?

  • Before the first public latrines appeared in the second half of the eighteenth century, people used to make their needs in the field under the trees of the beautiful French gardens, on the street, under cherries or wherever they were kept from looking at the passers-by .


  • In the thirteenth century, practice was “all in the street.” People were throwing the water out of the window, and sometimes there were warning shouts such as “Watch, it falls!” Or “Watch on the water!” The anecdotes with venerable people who had woken up with the contents of a night pot in the head were trendy. Even King Louis had such a thing.


  • King George II of Great Britain died in the toilet. It happened in 1760. According to the weather, the king woke up, drank his chocolate, went into the toilet, and then his valet heard a noise like an accident.


  • After the glass pots and clay pots, the so-called perforated chairs appeared. Isabella of Bavaria, wife of King Charles VI of France, have such a chair decorated with blue velvet, and Philip the Long ordered a chair covered with black wool fabric called “dark”.


  • Louis XI had an intimate tile, surrounded by a curtain. Its cost registers show that the king was buying towels, the precursors of hygienic paper.


  • During the Renaissance, the pots are found even in succession inventories. Sometimes people used fireplaces to “ease their belly.”


  • Louis XIII received his guests on the “throne”. Son of Louis XIV did the same.


  • The first step on the way to public hygiene takes place with the decision of the Count of Angiviller that all the Tuileries trees in the Tuileries are to be cut, and in their place to build latrines where the entry cost two penny’s.


  • In 24 hours, the amount of urine eliminated by a human is about 1,250 grams, which means 450 kilograms per year.


  • When you draw water, you consume about 6 liters of clean water. Also, in some cases, water consumption can reach up to 26 liters of a single activation of the toilet mechanism.


  • There is a museum in New Delhi that looks at the history of the toilet in the last 4,500 years. Time magazine has ranked third among the world’s strangest museums (photo below).

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