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Link between Sweating and Acne – Myth or Reality?

Acne is one of the most widespread diseases of the skin regardless of age, often being guilty of other problems such as depression, low self-esteem and discomfort in society.

Link between Sweating and Acne - Myth or Reality

Many people think that behind this condition is perspiration, which would favor the appearance and spread of the baskets.


A dermatologist specialist at a  Dermatology Clinic, explains whether this statement is supported by medical evidence or is simply a myth.


Sweating is a natural mechanism of the body, it is natural for people to sweat long enough during warm seasons, but sometimes even at lower temperatures when they are nervous, excited or angry.


In case of excessive sweating in the absence of factors such as high temperatures or strong emotions, but in combination with the wearing of occlusive, synthetic clothing, tight on the skin and its skin rubbing, the development of folliculitis, often confused with acne.

“When we sweat in excess, pores accumulate dead cells, excess sebum and even bacteria. Moisture allows bacteria to multiply rapidly and often triggers an inflammation inside the hair follicles, in which case folliculitis occurs, a persistent and resistant to acneiform eruption.

It has a somewhat atypical distribution compared to classical acne, which affects especially cheeks and forehead. The most common microbial agents are the staphylococcus aureus and the pityrosporum oval fungus or furfur malassezia, “explains the dermatologist.


Folliculitis occurs through red bladders and pustules that cause itching, nausea, or discomfort. It occurs most often in the areas covered and subjected to friction such as the back, shoulders and chest, but also in the neck, scalp and less often in the face.


Sometimes it is wrong to think that sweating due to physical exercise at the gym, for example, is a cause of acne. According to doctors, this is just a myth, the only thing that could favor an episode of acne after sports is the possibility that the skin is not properly cleaned.

Tips for skin care

A first step is to avoid overly tight clothes that rub against the skin. What’s more, if we wear a hat, sunglasses, a helmet while practicing various sports or other protective equipment, it is recommended that they be cleaned frequently because these surfaces can collect dirt and sebum which will then be transferred to the skin .


“It is advisable to avoid contact between the hands and the face, especially during physical exercises, when touching the face will transfer bacteria to the skin. The latter develops in wet environments, such as the gym, and their contact with the skin will lead to the possible occurrence of pustules. Excess sweat can be wiped off with a clean, dry towel, in no case with your hands or shirt “, says the dermatologist.


For long-haired people, wearing hair on the back and holding bangs – if it exists – can prevent excess waste and sebum to clog the pores. A horse tail is especially recommended during fitness exercises.


Although most of the makeup on the market is non-comedogenic – so it should not clog pores, it’s recommended not to be used during training, but to be applied after.


If it is necessary for a medical treatment, it is recommended that it is recommended by the dermatologist.

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