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Get rid of the Brown Spots on your Face?

Excessive exposure to the sun may cause the so-called “sunspot”, brownish, unsightly, appearance.

Get rid of the Brown Spots on your Face

Frequently, after a holiday at sea, melanin accumulations occur in more sensitive areas, a skin pigment secreted by protective melanocytes. Generally, these spots occur after skin burns caused by ultraviolet rays, more precisely those of type B.


What to do? Trainer  Naturys has some recommendations.


To get rid of existing hyperpigmentation, the best remedy is to use creams, serums for this problem. These products should be based on ingredients such as pomegranate extracts, betaine, arbutin, which act on pigmentation by an inhibitory effect of melanogenesis. In addition to the effect promised by them, they also have the role of exfoliating and providing skin luminosity, smoothening the texture of the complexion and moisturizing in depth.


Another important rule that we must observe if we want to light up the sun-stained skin is to exfoliate the skin once a week in order to remove the dead cells stored, and at the same time to speed cell regeneration. Scrub type defoliants should be used, but if the skin is sensitive, an enzyme peeling based on plant enzymes such as papaya, pineapple, gluconalactone, etc. will be used.


If the sun has left some more obvious cutaneous spots, then surely it’s time to start an intensive professional treatment cure at the salon. Bema White is the 100% certified BIO Professional recommendation, with highly concentrated active principles and acting on deep melanin secretion. A cure consisting of 4 cosmetic treatments is recommended, with one weekly session frequent. Once you have used this cure for brightness treatments, direct exposure to sunlight is contraindicated.


In case of severe (old, extensive, difficult to remove) stains, non-invasive treatments with broad band light or laser treatments may be used.


Prevention first of all


The best method of preventing hyperpigmentation spots is the daily use of sunscreen creams, not just in the warm season.

It is recommended to use creams that contain mineral filters with a SPF50 protection factor against both UVA and UVB rays, especially when using creams or serums to light and exfoliate the skin. It should be used every day of the year, regardless of weather or weather conditions.


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