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Trendy Holiday Destinations for 2018. TripAdvisor Recommendations

TripAdvisor has made a list of holiday destinations in the trend in 2018. These are not usually found in the agency holiday offerings, making them less known to travel enthusiasts. Their advantage is that they offer tourists different experiences from the already popular holidays, where they are used to going every year.

Trendy Holiday Destinations for 2018

In recent years, people have become more and more open to the idea of spending their holidays away from home, and travel agencies are constantly trying to find the best deals for their clients. From the competition on the tourism market obviously take advantage of the tourists who now have to choose from a lot of offers.


Trendy Holiday Destinations  for 2018


TripAdvisor has made a list of trending holiday destinations in 2018, uncovered by so many tourists, quiet and very crowded, according to


Ishigaki, Japan

Shutterstock / Dominique Bonnet

Ishigaki (which is a stone wall) is an island in the Yaeyama archipelago. Administratively, the island is part of Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. The scenery of the island is varied, ranging from white sandy beaches, corals to mountains and forests of magrene.

Ishigaki is also an ideal place for gourmets. The island is known for the reindeer (Yaeyama soba).


A night of accommodation on Ishigaki Island costs about 130 $, but cheaper rooms can also be found at 100 $.


Kapaa, Hawaii

Kapaa, Hawaii
Shutterstock / norinori303


This small hideaway is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii, newly entered on the holiday list of tourists. Kapaa is a small town nestled at the base of Kauai’s Nounou Mountain. Tourists arriving there appreciate the diversity of hotels, shops, and restaurants. This is an ideal destination for those who practice water sports.

The average price for one night accommodation is 210 $, but the best price is in June, 150 $ / night per person.


Nairobi, Kenya

Shutterstock / Hemanshu Contractor

Nairobi is a popular safari destination, but it is also a vibrant, modern city with an extremely active nightlife. If you arrive in Nairobi, you need to visit the Karen Blixen Museum at the Giraffe Center and you must see the black rhinos in Nairobi National Park.

A night of accommodation costs just over 90 $.


Halifax, Canada

Halifax, Canada
Shutterstock / Rocky Grimes

Halifax is the capital of the New Scotland province of Canada. Halifax is a harbor town, full of history. The city is a perfect destination for beer lovers. Halifax has the largest number of pubs per capita among all cities in Canada.


Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk, Poland
Shutterstock / Roman Babakin

Gdansk, one of the most beautiful destinations in Poland, is a port city, which has an exit to the Baltic Sea. The city center attracts most tourists, due to the facades of very colorful buildings, shops and restaurants.

Accommodation per night costs around 120 $, and the lowest price can be found in June, 73 $.

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