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Henna for Natural Shading – Henna Strengthens , Gives it Shine and Nuances the Hair

Henna is a natural hair care and hair-dyeing solution; the plant originates from Egypt and has an important role in maintaining hair health and natural dyeing.

Henna for Natural Shading - Henna Strengthens the Hair, gives it shine and nuances the hair

Required Ingredients:

– 5 teaspoons Natural Henna powder;

– 1 egg;

– 1 cup of hot water;

– juice of half a lemon.


Prepare a paste from the egg mixture and henna in warm water. Leave the mixture to macerate for one hour, then add the lemon juice to fix the color.

Apply the paste on the scalp and over the entire length of the hair.

For the best results, let the paste work for at least 2 hours until the paste dries on the hair; then rinse with warm water.



This treatment has been used for centuries in India and the Middle East; henna strengthens the hair, gives it shine and nuances the hair.

At the same time, the paste has a natural effect of cooling and refreshing the scalp.

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