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Mothers with more children live longer! It’s scientifically proven

Mothers with more children enjoy a long life. A recent study highlighted this by analyzing both the genetic and medical factors and the psychological impact.

Mothers with more children live longer! It's scientifically proven
Mothers with more children live longer! It’s scientifically proven

Who brings to the world three, four or even more children can be considered a happy, healthy and long-lived woman. It is not easy to grow more than two, three children, but the benefits are very high in the long run, according to a study by researchers at the University of New South Wales.


A life with many children is rich in experiences, unusual situations and adventures, and in old age you are sure you will have someone close. But these are not the most important benefits. The medical study shows that mothers with more children are more resistant, healthier and live longer. Here’s what the researchers have.


Mothers with more children are more resistant!

The study was conducted in Australia and analyzed the lives and medical records of several hundred elderly women, some of them with many children and others without a child. According to the study, the risk of premature death decreased by 17% for women with 2 children, and by 20% for women with 3 children.

Another study, conducted at Simon Fraser University in Canada, shows that if you have more children, the aging process is slowing, at least in the years you give birth to children. Older theories argued that more pregnancies and more babies involve a greater effort on the part of the mother, which may affect their health, immunity and resilience. But the Canadian study now supports the opposite! The process of cell degeneration is slowed down for women who have had at least three children.


Aging slows down due to hormones

The aging process of cells is analyzed from the perspective of telomere length, a sort of protein guards that are at the end of the chromosomes. Telomeries begin to shorten as they age. But Professor Pablo Nepomnaschy has noticed that the telomere of women with at least three children have been much longer, so their life expectancy is higher.


The Canadian researcher explains this by dramatically increasing the level of estrogen during pregnancy, which acts as an antioxidant and helps chromosomes protect their telomeres for a much longer period of time.


On the other hand, Prof. Nepomnaschy states that women with more children receive more material and moral support from relatives and friends, and their lives are much more open, sociable and intense. And this helps them maintain a good tonus over the years.

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