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How do we Hide our Body Defects

How do we hide our body defects? And you have too thick arms, or maybe the waist is inexistent? Do not you know what kind of clothes you like? What happens when we no longer eat processed foods? The partner thinks he’s always right. How to deal with him What …

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SHEA BUTTER – Get Rid of Stretch Marks

How to get rid of stretch marks is the question many women ask. Many women complain about the unsightly appearance of the skin and stretch marks. Stretch marks are typically linear lesions that follow the contour lines of the skin with white-to-pink look to pinkish. They appear mainly on the …

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Get rid of Dandruff … Naturally

Get- rid- of- Dandruff-Naturally

Dandruff is the whitish epidermis that detaches from the scalp. On the oily scalp, dandruff occurs in larger, thicker scales and tends to stick to the scalp at the base of the hair. Dandruff can be accompanied by itchy scalp.

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